first stop: home of the turtle

Our first stop on the Frozen Custard Tour of course had to be Fritz's Frozen Custard. Tonight, we visited the Fritz's in O'Fallon, just out of convenience (it's less than a mile from our house). But, the Fritz's in St. Peters holds a much closer place in my heart.

Nine years ago, I started my first job on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June. It just so happened that I would meet my soulmate that day. The (then future) hubs was my manager/trainer my first day on the job. OK, so it was sort of love-at-first-sight, but we were both dating other people at the time. Summer came and went, we started hanging out more and a few short months later, we were an item! The rest is pretty much self-explanatory, since we ended up getting married 3 years ago. Thus, Fritz's will always be a favorite, no matter what other frozen custard stands come along.

We lucked out tonight... not only did the weather clear up for the evening, we were able to use some gift certificates the Hubs received from his track runners (thanks kiddos!) and we had a filled-up punch card for a free mini one-topping concrete. Score! On top of all that, the Flavor of the Day was one of my absolute favorites -- yellow cake batter. Think, birthday cake in ice cream form. We have tried several combinations with this, but I think tonight was one of my favorites. I decided to get a mini concrete, their smallest,
out of the cake batter custard with Oreos mixed in. (So, this was probably the least healthy thing I could've mixed in, but everything in moderation, right?) AH-mazing! I will definitely be getting this one again! (Although, the last combo I got there was chocolate cake batter custard with peanut butter and banana mixed in... and again, AH-mazing!)

Hubs decided to get Heath bar mixed in his mini cake batter concrete. I took a small bite as he took some pictures for me... for once, I thought mine was better! (He is much better at pairing flavors together, but I think I am better when it comes to desserts.)

We both enjoyed these (really, we didn't talk as we ate because we were so enthralled in our treats) on a wet bench. But, who cares... it was still delicious and totally worth the wet butt! And great fuel for my first "long" run tomorrow morning!

[Just a note... these are purely our opinions. We are not getting paid for our opinions or frozen custard stops.]

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