Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Kristen and I am the Concrete Runner.

This blog started as a suggestion from my husband.  After meeting while working at Fritz's Frozen Custard nearly 10 years ago, we have both had a thing for the rich + creamy goodness that is frozen custard.  And, more specifically for me, the custard that comes in concrete form.  [When the custard is mixed together with toppings and is so thick, you are able to stick a spoon in it, turn it upside down, and everything will stay in the cup.]

As teachers, the Hubs + I have a lot of time on our hands in the summer.  So, what better way than to spend it trying any + all frozen custard stands and stuffing ourselves silly with a variety of delicious concretes!  Therefore, we have been chronicling our "frozen custard tour" on this blog.

But, not just my love for frozen custard.  But, also my addiction to running.  When we started our tour in the Summer of 2010, I also started training for my 2nd marathon:  Chicago 10.10.10.  Training for and running the Chicago Marathon helped me fall back in love with running and made me a better, smarter runner.  Although I will not always be training for marathons, I will continue running year round, chronicling my training and races in the process.

Please take a look around my site, and definitely check out the "concretes" page for our list of places visited past + future, along with the "running" page to see race recaps and current training plans.

If you have any questions, frozen custard stands we need to visit (in St. Louis or beyond), or topics you would like me to cover, please email me @ klvanhorn@gmail.com

Thanks again for visiting!  Enjoy!