cheater cheater

Yeah, that’s right…

I’m a cheater.

I cheated on my beloved frozen custard for something new + sexy in the “ice cream” world.

But, first, the Hubs owed me a date since I spent most of my birthday evening alone, and I requested pizza.  But not just any ol’ pizza…



Dewey’s Pizza!  Only the best pizza place out there!  And we are so fortunate to have several establishments in the St. Louis area!

Started dinner off with an O’Fallon Wheach [wheat + peach] beer, and split a pizza – Southwest BBQ Chicken for him + a Billy Goat for me.  Delish!  I only ate about 1/2 of my side, and took the rest home [which I devoured for dinner tonight].



Then we headed to a place I have been dying to try since it opened up this summer.

YoMyGoodness Frozen Yogurt in Webster Groves. 


A high school friend + former Fritz’s coworker helped open YoMyGoodness this summer [and actually just opened up a new one in Crestwood this past weekend].  I am in love with the self-serve frozen yogurt concept – as many flavors of yogurt as you want [they serve 10 different flavors that rotate pretty much daily] and a choice from 20-ish different toppings to add on top.  And you pay by the ounce, so you can add as much or as little as you want and won’t feel like you’re getting ripped off.



I chose pumpkin [duh] + white cake batter [duh] + sugar-free peanut butter [duh] frozen yogurts and topped them with granola + white chocolate chips, plus a few mochi just to see what they were all about [not much flavor, more of a textural thing, like a bland gummy bear].


The Hubs got pumpkin + cake batter like me, but also tried out Irish cream, caramel, and brownie batter frozen yogurts.  Brownie batter was his favorite, but I really LOVED the cake batter!  The pumpkin was a bit too nutmeg-y for me.


I can TOTALLY tell the difference between [fat free] frozen yogurt and [full fat] frozen custard.  Fro-yo is much more icy tasting and not nearly as smooth and creamy as frozen custard.  I guess I’ll stick to my true love after all…

I think that will make Matt feel pretty good too…

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  1. I love frozen yogurt. We had some this past weekend. I got pumpkin too. And now I'm glad I didn't try the mochi. I don't think I would care for a bland gummy bear topping. ;)