red velvet

It’s officially winter weather in St. Louis.  The blue box in the right hand corner of my computer reads 24 degrees.  COLD.

So, what does a couple do on a boring Tuesday night in blistery cold weather?

Go get frozen custard of course!  Well, drive through to get frozen custard…


This is the last week Fritz’s will be open for the season, and seeing as we have only been twice this year [probably the least amount ever], we definitely had to make a trip.

And after I saw this on the sign, I knew we had to try it!


I’m pretty sure this is the only time Red Velvet Cake has EVER been the Flavor of the Day.  It definitely didn’t exist when we worked there, and believe me, we tried EVERY combo possible.  Red velvet cake was NOT one of them.

However, seeing as this is one of my favorite flavored cakes [and remember, I am NOT a cake person], we absolutely had to check it out!  And that meant breaking the habit of always getting a concrete.  Sorry if I no longer live up to my “concrete runner” name after this…

After we got settled in back at home, I plopped down on the couch to taste the deliciousness that is red velvet cake.  And Fritz’s definitely didn’t disappoint!  Smooth + creamy as always, with just the perfect amount of red velvet chocolately flavor.


It definitely didn’t warm me up, but it certainly tasted delicious!  Too bad I’ll have to wait until the spring to get it again…

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