major craving for custard

Last night, I had a major craving (Major Craving… ala How I Met Your Mother) for ice cream.  I mean, like I wouldn’t be satisfied until I got my taste buds on some creamy, cold ice cream.  Guaranteed, it was 15 degrees outside, but still… I needed some, and I needed some NOW.  I blame it on the massive amounts of sweets I ate during the holidays.

As I’m sure you all remember, our most convenient go-to place, Fritz’s, is closed until February.  Luckily, Matt remembered we had a gift certificate for Blue Sky Creamery located in Paul’s Donuts.  So, we hopped in the car and headed out that way.


[Sorry, Matt’s windshield is really dirty…]

We’ve only been to Paul’s once for ice cream – back when we were dating, and very close to the beginning of our relationship.  All I remember was that they had Twix to mix into your ice cream.  And although that sounded like a winner to me, I noticed the pumpkin ice cream in the freezer and knew I definitely couldn’t pass that up!

I decided on the pumpkin with M&M’s mixed in.  So, maybe that seems like a weird combination, but that was my other craving.  (Again, blaming it on the massive amounts of more specifically M&M’s I’ve eaten in the past 2 weeks.)

100_3619 100_3620

This was BY FAR the best pumpkin tasting ice cream/frozen custard/froyo I’ve had to date!  So cinnamon-y + spicy… DElish!  Of course, not nearly as creamy, given it is ice cream and not custard, but still dang good!

Matt got my second choice – white cake ice cream with Twix mixed in.  The cake flavor was strong + spot on, and with the Twix added, was stellar!  I almost wish I would’ve gotten that, but oh, the pumpkin!  (Mine’s much prettier too, doncha think?!)


Unfortunately, Blue Sky Creamery has gone bankrupt and Paul’s is slowly phasing out Blue Sky to Edy’s.  So glad we went when we did!  Now, if only I can figure out how to get that same pumpkin flavor at home…

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