emotional eating

After writing that post last night, I needed a little something sweet to make me feel better.  Call it emotional eating if you must, but I haven’t had my silky smooth frozen custard in WEEKS!  A good cry + some pumpkin custard can make any day feel better.

And we still have a few places we need to get to before they close for the season.  [Some custard stands are outside and/or drive-thru only, where as others – think Culver’s – have indoor sit-down areas.]  One of the places I have been wanting to revisit was Silky’s.


Not only because their custard is the “world’s smoothest” [it’s pretty darn close!], but also because their pumpkin concrete is completely different than           any other frozen custard stand that I can think of.  And, you know, I must try EVERYTHING pumpkin flavored – but that’s a whole other post…

Silky’s Frozen Custard doesn’t put pumpkin pie mix or a piece of pumpkin pie in their custard.  No, they came up with their own version of the pumpkin concrete by mixing a pumpkin cookie into their deliciously smooth frozen custard.  I’m thinking it is like the Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights.


image [source]

Vanilla custard + pumpkin oatmeal cookie + whipped cream… It definitely wasn’t the best pumpkin concrete I’ve had, but I did like it a lot.  The best 3 bites were the last 3 – a big chunk of oatmeal cookie in each bite.  YUM!  Seriously, if there is any frozen custard stand actually reading my blog [which is doubtful], an oatmeal cream pie a la Little Debbie would make an amazing concrete mix-in.  I’m just sayin’…


The Hubs of course came a long and broke his sundae habit and ordered a Grasshopper Concrete, with Oreos instead of chocolate chips.  [The picture was terrible… nighttime + dark car doesn’t equal good food photography].

I just love the creaminess of Silky’s.  They still top my list as one of my favorites.  Too bad they’re only open for a couple more weeks… but I have plenty of other places to try and more to get to before they close for the season!

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