childhood memories

Last night, the Hubs + I took a trip out to Lyon's Frozen Custard in St. Charles. This is the frozen custard I grew up with. Lyon's was the place we would go after fireworks down on the riverfront ["...in a van down by the river"... oh you know you thought that too] on the 4th of July, and where I took the kids I babysat [who are now in college/almost in college!]. I also remember running to Lyon's the week of our district track meet in high school, which was roughly about 4 miles from school. In fact, it is so popular where I grew up that I always see someone I know. Last night, we ran into some neighbors/friends of my parents. I was surprised I actually didn't know anyone working [which I think is a sign that I am getting ooooold].

I have a love/hate relationship with Lyon's. Yes, it brings back awesome memories of my childhood, but it is not always my favorite. Matt + I used to go here a lot on lazy nights when we were dating and bring back to my house to eat. I DO NOT advise this... their custard melts quickly, so it is much better when you eat it while you are at the stand. Plus, they have a beautiful gazebo to sit in, so take advantage of that. One thing I find unique is that for the 20-ish years I remember going there, they have not changed their method of taking orders/filling orders or even their custard menu, really. However, this makes their service a little bit slower, unfortunately.

They also have really great concrete combinations, like Rice Crispy Treat and Banana Pudding [what Matt + I got, respectively]. But, they don't list what is in these concretes, so it's almost like a grab bag of what you are going to get. I asked about one, the Heavenly Hash, and was disappointed to find out it had pecans in it. So, I stuck to my guns and got the Banana Pudding, not knowing what to expect.

I was extremely happy with my choice! Vanilla custard + fresh bananas + vanilla wafers. Oh man, vanilla wafers totally made the concrete! Matt's, of course, was vanilla custard + Rice Krispy cereal + marshmallow cream. Of all the one's we have gotten here, this is probably both of our favorite concretes. The marshmallow just makes the custard so silky smooth + creamy.

Speaking of the vanilla custard, Lyon's has some of the best vanilla flavored we have had. Not quite as rich as Andy's, of course, but definitely towards the top in terms of taste! Still brings back good ol' memories of my childhood...

[SIDE NOTE: Check in tomorrow for another new frozen custard stand in honor of National Frozen Custard Day!]

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