frozen custard + the city

I was doing some "blog research" at "work" today (just temping at my mom's office; answering phones = lots of computer time) and stumbled upon Whitney Port's blog (ya know, the girl from The City and The Hills). She and her family have been going to the Lake of the Ozarks every summer since she was little, and one of her favorite places to go is Randy's Frozen Custard! I, of course, had to leave her a comment letting her know how awesome she is, of course; about my blog, of course; and about Andy's, OF COURSE! But, so totally cool! The Hubs and I might just have to take a trip to the Lake to check Randy's out!
I also stumbled upon a frozen custard stand I hadn't even heard about! Planning on doing some research on it tonight to make sure it actually exists, and possibly hitting it up. It's been a week since I've had a concrete and I am feeling totally deprived! (Although I do still have that Fritz's turtle sitting in my freezer...)

I haven't updated my training in awhile! Training has been going surprisingly well! I'm staying pretty much injury free, which was my biggest concern when I signed up for Chicago. I'm having some nagging plantar fascitis pain and now some shin pain and the occasional twinge in my toes (from neuromas), but nothing that is stopping me in my tracks.

I'm still working on figuring out hydration/fueling during my long runs. My 14 miler 2 weeks ago went flawlessly... but last week's 15 miler, not so much. If I don't balance out and replace my electrolytes and fluids properly, I tend to get extremely bad stomach cramps, etc. (if you know what I mean). Probably has to do with the fact that I technically didn't eat breakfast after my run since I was trying to get to church! Hoping that my 11 miler goes better tomorrow!
I am also thinking about doing some food posts, demonstrating what I eat on a daily/weekly basis. I find nutrition and food so interesting, and really got into blogging because of the various food blogs I read (note about 10 of them to your right). This will probably happen in the next few weeks, if not next week. Just something new to keep me entertained!

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