vanilla in the moonlight

I must admit, I really wasn't looking forward to trying Vanilla Moon's frozen custard. First of all, I wasn't sure if they were even still open. I just so happened to be doing some blog research one day and stumbled across their website, called the number only to hear that the number was no longer in service. So, of course, I sent out a little Facebook message, asking my friends if they knew if it was still open. Really, I was just hoping one person in particular would respond, and he did, letting me know not only that Vanilla Moon was still open, but that he definitely did not like their custard.

Obviously, I was not too excited to visit. But, we were in the area visiting my Grampa, so it only felt appropriate that we stop by and try it out, especially since we haven't tried something new in awhile.

So, if you can tell from the pictures, Vanilla Moon is actually in an old gas station. Again, lacking the excitement for trying this. But, as the Concrete Runner, it is my DUTY to try every frozen custard I come across.

After taking a few minutes to look over the menu [they not only have frozen custard, but also coffee and frappucinos], I decided on the Chocolate Heaven concrete -- a yummy mix of vanilla custard with chocolate chips + brownies + chocolate syrup. I'm not always the biggest fan of chocolate syrup [especially Hershey's], but I was really feeling the chocolate chips + brownies.

I was definitely not disappointed! I still wasn't a big fan of the chocolate syrup [it would've probably been better in chocolate custard and without the syrupy stuff], but the brownies were fabulous! Almost like a cookie dough-type of brownie. DElicious!

Matt decided on the Coney Island sundae -- pistachios + pecans + hot fudge, but of course, he subbed the hot fudge out for caramel. He really enjoyed his also... the pecans weren't too salty and the caramel was put in the bottom of the cup and then topped on the custard also. [The more caramel the better!]

I was able to try some of Matt's plain vanilla custard from his sundae. Although it wasn't real creamy, it definitely was very vanilla-y, hence the name VANILLA Moon. I really like when you can actually TASTE the vanilla flavor, but rich + creamy really MAKES the custard. [I am still waiting for a custard stand to actually put fresh vanilla bean in their custard.]

Overall, I felt it was a pleasant experience. Definitely not my favorite, and if I'm in NorCo again, I would probably go to Fritz's first, but I was pleasantly surprised at the taste and variety of options. Much better than expected...

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