festival custard

After my long run on Saturday, I spent the afternoon sitting on the couch, planning my lessons for the week. I wanted to relax a little bit because I knew we would be out + about later at the Festival of the Little Hills!

I have to admit, this is only the 2nd time I have gone to the festival, but it is probably the biggest out of the several that take place down on Main Street St. Charles. It is full of crafts, entertainment, and of course, my personal favorite, FOOD! Well, there's not much for a vegetarian like myself to choose from when it comes to festival food [I mean, they had chocolate covered bacon, for gosh sakes], so we ended up at Trailhead Brewing Company for some of their beer and Cardinals baseball. [I promise I will get better at taking pictures of my food, but I'm still not in 'food blogger' mode yet.]

Unfortunately, our main courses left something to be desired... Matt's tuna sandwich was dry and I actually found a piece of meat with my portobella stack. But, I did have these amazing roasted sweet potatoes with maple glaze that I will be trying to recreate! The beer was pretty good too... I had their Raspberry Ale and Matt got the Honey Wheat Ale. I would definitely recommend going there for beer. I plan on going back as soon as their Pumpkin Ale comes out this fall! I hear it is amazing but sells out quickly!

We walked around the festival for a little while [I am not much of a crafts person, but it was something to do], and low + behold, we came across Ted Drewes'!

Because of the fame of Ted Drewes', they also sell their 'minis' and quarts for fundraising [as this was] and also at some of the local grocery stores. We've had the vanilla in the quart before, and honestly, I think it tasted like cardboard. So, we decided on their chocolate since neither of us have tried it before.

[Sorry for some crappy photography... my camera obviously doesn't like to shoot at night.]

Since it was frozen solid when we got it, it lost most of the creaminess it could've had. But, overall, I definitely liked it a lot! Tasted a bit like a Wendy's frosty, just a bit more frozen, and not so grainy of a texture.

Oh, and we stopped by Grandma's Cookies. I am telling you, these are the absolute BEST cookies I have ever had in my entire life! [Sorry, mom-in-law, yours are a close second, but Matt thinks yours are better still!] And they are only $0.60 a piece! Bargain and it's best! You must try them now... go, go, GO!

Yes, we only bought food, but we had a wonderful time together! Always nice to have something to do on a lazy Saturday night.

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