better the second time around

Matt + I decided to stay a little bit closer to home tonight and go to Deter's Frozen Custard. Deter's [spoken in the Hans + Franz accent from the old SNL skits] just recently moved from Winghaven to off O'Fallon Road in St. Peters/St. Charles/Cottleville area (it's in what used to be a Starbucks -- they sell Kaldi's coffee though, which is my absolute favorite!). I was a little tentative about going to Deter's again. Last summer, we did not have the most pleasant experience there. The staff was not very friendly and it took us a looooong time to get our desserts. And then, although this has nothing to do with Deter's itself, we went and sat down on a bench outside, and these 2 random little girls stood about 2 feet in front of us a stared at us the entire time. Don't get me wrong, I love kids -- I'm a teacher, it's kind of my job to love kids -- but this was like 'The Shining' creepy. And the custard was a bit forgettable. Needless to say, not a pleasant experience for either of us...

However, this was a BILLION times better! Not only was the service better, we really enjoyed our desserts. I mean, really! Neither of us were very excited to go, but after tonight, we think we'll be going back again!

We both had a sample of the Flavor of the Day, which was Pecan Pie. It was pretty good (again, no pecans for me). I decided on the Chewy Toffee: vanilla custard + Heath bar + caramel in concrete form, as always. The Hubs chose the Maple Petootie: vanilla custard + praline pecans + marshmallow (with whipped cream and a cherry on top that he promptly picked off and gave to me). You really can't go wrong with anything maple in my opinion, but I didn't find this very maple-y. However, both we absolutely delicious!

The custard was very creamy, but not quite as rich as I would've liked. It did have great vanilla flavor. And my concrete was mixed PERFECTLY... not over mixed at all, with ribbons of caramel throughout the whole thing. Probably the best mixed concrete I've had yet (definitely makes up for the Eugene's catastrophe).

I really enjoyed our visit! You can always tell when you're eating good custard because we definitely did more eating than talking!

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