world's smoothest frozen custard

Matt and I just returned from a wonderful and relaxing trip in Branson, where we hit up one of our favorite frozen custard stands. But, before we left for our trip, we took a trip down the road in St. Charles/St. Peters to Silky’s Frozen Custard.

Silky’s was one of the places we used to hit up when we worked at Fritz’s and wanted a different change of pace. They have one of my all time favorite concretes: The Elvis Pretzley! Vanilla custard with caramel, chocolate sauce (I think it is hot fudge, not chocolate syrup), and pretzels. If you’ve never tried the sweet + salty combination of pretzels with chocolate, it is an absolute must! So, of course, on this trip, I went for the Elvis Pretzley in concrete form, while Matt decided on the sundae version.

I think one of the best things about the Elvis Pretzley is that even toward the end of the dessert, the pretzels are still crunchy, not soggy. It makes it all the more awesome and delicious!

Silky’s claims to have the “world’s smoothest” frozen custard, and I might actually have to agree with them. The plain vanilla is so rich and smooth. This would probably be one of the best places to just get a plain vanilla cone. Seriously amazingly smooth and so SO good!

As a health freak, I also really loved the fact that they had their vanilla custard nutrition facts page POSTED in their window. At 120 calories per half-cup, it’s a little high calorie once you add in toppings, but again, everything in moderation. And Silky’s is well worth the treat!

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