a spank-tastic day

I'm not sure I would really consider this a "St. Louis Day", but we did make a trip out to another FREE thing to do: Grant's Farm. OK, not exactly free, since it costs $11 to park, and there is really not a whole lot to do since there are limited numbers of animals and we didn't really care about seeing the show, but still something to do in St. Louis... and of course, an excuse for us to go to a new-to-us frozen custard stand.

The two pro's about Grant's Farm: feeding the ridiculously cute goats (who are a little too greedy at times -- especially the bigger ones), and FREE beer! AB-InBev products again (and not nearly the variety we had at the brewery), but still, 2 free, decent-sized samples. Plus, it was nice just to relax, drink beer, and people watch. A nice, stress-free HOT summer afternoon.

Not too far down the road is a frozen custard stand the Hubs has been wanting to try for awhile: Spanky's Frozen Custard. He did his student teaching right down the road (geez, almost 10 years ago) and figured Grant's Farm would be a good excuse to check it out.

Another tiny little stand, with hand-written menus. Classic. Again, it took us awhile to search the menu for what we wanted. It didn't help that the specialty concretes/sundaes didn't have descriptions with them. We ended up asking the nice worker about a few, including the California Crunch (vanilla custard + chocolate chips + granola + coconut + pecans). My mouth seriously fell to the floor when he said granola. Yes, granola is another slight obsession I have. (I may or may not have been known to eat a whole Costco-sized bag in one sitting...) Of course, with the word "granola", I absolutely HAD to get this one, except without the pecans (I'm not so big on nuts in ice cream -- nut butter is a different story). Matt decided to get another German Chocolate sundae -- we think that this one, instead of caramel + hot fudge, had some sort of chocolate-marshmallow sauce that was extremely delicious.

Although the custard was not nearly as creamy as Andy's or Silky's, probably due to the fact that it is another soft serve machine (like Mr. Wizard's) and also serves frozen yogurt, the concrete itself was fabulous! Of course, I might be a bit biased since it did have granola in it, but I think there might be a chance we would return if we are out that way again. Another Grant's Farm trip perhaps?!

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