national ice cream day

Not gonna lie, I actually had no idea today was National Ice Cream Day until this afternoon... But, we had already made plans to go out for frozen custard tonight! Matt + I decided to have a date night and headed out to P.F. Chang's (we had a gift card -- thanks Mom + Dad VH) and then over to Eugene's Custard Company in Town & Country.

Eugene's is a brand new frozen custard "stand"* that opened in May. The only reason I knew anything about it was because of a random stop I made on my way home from work to Whole Foods. (OMG, favorite store ever! Is it sad that I would rather spend money on food than on clothes?) What caught my attention was this:

Yes, giant fire truck with Eugene's logo on it. I was intrigued, so tonight seemed like the perfect night to go (and make a stop at Whole Foods to walk off some Ma Po Tofu and wine).

*I use the word "stand" loosely since they are technically in a strip mall and you can order inside (like Cold Stone or Dairy Queen). Not exactly what I think of when it comes to St. Louis frozen custard.

Eugene's doesn't offer many "specialty" sundaes or concretes, but we both decided to get one of the Supreme Sundaes. I decided on The Elvis (vanilla custard + peanut butter + bananas + hot fudge) in concrete form (of course) and Matt decided on their Fudgy Turtle sundae.

When we got our desserts, we were both a little disappointed. Matt asked for no whipped cream or cherry and received it anyway (although they did offer to make him a new one) and mine was extremely melty. And not in the less-fat-means-faster-melting. Because of the hot fudge and peanut butter (liquid toppings) mixed with the vanilla, it caused the custard to move more toward it's liquid state.

Matt let me try some of the vanilla custard -- definitely not as rich + creamy as any of the other places we have been to. The whole experience left something to be desired. I'm sure I would've enjoyed it more had my concrete not been in shake form (I did try a taste of their flavor of the day, chocolate cake, which was pretty good -- not as good as Fritz's thought), but I'm not sure I would go back, especially when I have better frozen custard stands closer to home.

Although, I think I would travel 6 hours round trip just to get some Andy's...

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