happy 7-11 day

OK, so this first part has nothing to do with frozen custard, but we thought it was pretty fun. In honor of 7-11 (July 11), 7-Eleven was giving away FREE slurpees in 7.11 ounce cups! So, of course, we had to go.

I can't even tell you when the last time I had a slurpee was... but it was delicious! Brought back some old memories of grade school carpool and high school volleyball + basketball (since that is where we went between games/practice). And it was just the perfect amount (considering the fact that I very rarely drink soda).

[I am starting to think this might progress to become a food blog with the amount of fun stuff we have been sharing. I have been REALLY wanting to photograph just about everything I have made/eaten in the past week, but I am trying to spare you of that... but we'll see where this goes... ]

Being a nice Sunday after some storms passed through, Matt + I decided to try out another new-to-us frozen custard stand: Sheridan's Frozen Custard.

It takes us so much longer to figure out what we want to get when we don't know the menu. We were both torn between a few. I was torn between either the Grant's Grasshopper (vanilla custard + mint + chocolate chips) or the Mt. Rush S'Mores (vanilla custard + hot fudge + marshmallow creme + graham crackers). Matt couldn't decide between the Mt. Rush S'More or the Choco-Nut (chocolate custard + coconut + almonds). Ultimately, I decided on the S'Mores (something I probably couldn't get too many other places) and Matt ended up with the Choco-Nut.

Although the custard wasn't nearly as creamy as Andy's or Silky's, we both enjoyed the fact that they mixed the toppings well and there were A TON of toppings in the concretes. Always a plus!

As we were waiting for our concretes, I looked up at one of the signs they had up in their window that I didn't look at before ordering and saw this:

That's right. Vanilla custard mixed with WEDDING CAKE! OK, so I am not much of a cake or cake + ice cream person. I would take ice cream (custard preferably) or cookies over cake any day. But, when it comes to wedding cake, I can't get enough. There is just something about wedding cake that makes it better than any other cake out there. I was really disappointed and knew I probably wouldn't be back for awhile to get said concrete. So, after we finished our concretes, I did something I would NEVER do... we went back and got the I Do concrete! We split it of course, but it was TOTALLY worth it! Wedding cake in every bite -- and the best bites were the ones where you got a little bit of frosting along with the cake and custard. BEST THING EVER!

Needless to say, I will definitely be going back to Sheridan's for that concrete alone!

We are hopefully heading out to Grant's Farm one day this week -- we were hoping for a cooler day, but it looks like those days are full of rain, so it looks like it'll be another hot one. But, GREAT for custard! Another new one will be on the way!

Also, if you are interested in my marathon training, check out my training by clicking the tab up at the top. I try to keep it updated, but I'm not always great about it. Heading into week #6 and things have been going pretty well! Hoping it stays that way!

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