frozen custard branson style

Last week, we spent some time down in Branson with my best friend Julie, her husband Matt, and her parents. Her parents were lucky + nice enough to let us stay in some sample rooms they had for their time share down at Big Cedar Lodge in the Wilderness Club. I can’t explain to you how absolutely beautiful it was and how fortunate we were to get temperatures in the 80s with very low humidity – an oddity in the middle of summer in Missouri.

The resort had some wonderful walking/running trails, so I didn’t miss a beat in my marathon training. However, it was extremely hilly, so I slowed down a bit, but my morning runs felt amazing!

While we were down there, we of course had to stop by one of the only frozen custard stands in town – Andy’s Frozen Custard. It is right on the Branson strip -- you can't miss it! Now, we have been to Andy’s a handful of times, and I must say, it is one of my absolute favorite frozen custard places! They have amazingly rich + creamy vanilla custard that just makes everything all the more better.

I ended up getting the same concrete I got last time: the Snowmonster. The Snowmonster has vanilla custard with strawberries and chocolate shavings (think, Magic Shell broken apart as it gets mixed up in the concrete). Although it was awesome, as always, I looked up at the menu board and saw another concrete that sounded even better: the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer. A jackhammer concrete is a concrete that is filled in the center with the topping of your choice. In this case, the center of the concrete is filled with their delicious hot fudge, while the vanilla custard is mixed with peanut butter and brownies. AH-mazing! I will remember to get that one next time for sure! But again, Snowmonster equally as delicious!

My Matt is a root beer-aholic. Any new + different root beer he can get his hands on, he will try. Andy’s just so happens to have one of his favorites: Sprecher’s. So, instead of getting a concrete (or sundae), he decided to go with a Root Beer Float. His had 3 scoops – 2 vanilla custard and 1 chocolate custard. Yes, strange, but chocolate custard is actually really good in floats. And since we had never tried their chocolate custard, it was a great way to try it. OMG, guys, so SO rich and creamy and absolutely delicious! Who knows, I might be getting my Funky Jackhammer with chocolate custard next time!

Julie + Matt also went for concretes with strawberries – hers a strawberry cheesecake and his the Snowmonster. I think their favorite part probably was when we grabbed a Take Out Menu and saw that there was an Andy’s pretty close to where they live in Chicago. That might be the best things about Andy’s… most frozen custard is located in St. Louis only and maybe has only 1 or 2 places to go to in the area. Andy’s boasts locations in 5 Missouri cities (Branson, Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Osage Beach, and 4 in Springfield), along with 3 in Arkansas, 3 in Illinois/Chicago-area, and 1 in Texas. So, no matter where you are, you can get some delicious frozen custard!

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